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Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
me to take john kerry's senate seat when he gets confirmed as secretary of state. do i have to do everything myself around here. krystal, do i? >> no, i have been talking about you from day one. >> all right, well, that is going to be in the rewrite. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. >>> the greatest govern or of al time, i mean the greatest, i don't mean just state, i mean colonial governors, the greatest governor in the history of governors. massachusetts governor duval patrick will get to appoint a united states senator for the second time. no massachusetts governor has ever gotten to do that twice. it is an awesome responsible. and i'll give the governor a little help with it tonight and suggest somebody who probably is not on his short list right now, or any list. except my list. and that is in the rewrite. humans. even when we cross our
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
pursue the massachusetts senate seat that will be vacated by john kerry when he becomes secretary of state. and because i do everything at the last minute, i still have not made up my mind. and i now have about 59 minutes left to think about it. meanwhile, the biggest republican in the country, and i mean the very, very biggest is still saying bad things about republicans. >> chris christie is charges into battle. >> even though i think i'm right i'm not going to get everything i want. >> under the banner of bipartisanship. >> we're compromising to try to bring compromise and consensus. >> and he is now a cover boy. his take on his party's identity problem. >> the republicans lost at every level. >> they can't figure out who they are. >> we're finding areas of compromise, you have to compromise to get things done, compromise and work together. >> there is a new poll putting chris christie's approval at 73%. >> including 62% of democrats. >> chris christie is everywhere. >> chris christie. >> i'm here now with governor chris christie. >> chris christie is a headline waiting to happ
Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
to come at you. and be prepared to react accordingly. >> rose: did john kerry perform well? >> he did. he did, yeah. he did. >> rose: let me finally look at, not finally in this conversation but look at in terms of the race in 2012. what does it is a about the tea party? the election and where they are now in the republican caw sus-- caucus? >> well, you know, i think we have a structural problem in our politics, charlie, in that you have in the republican party, you know, this very strident group that is dominant. and we have our congressional elections and the way districts are aligned now are such that people don't have to run in general elections. generally they just have to win primaries. and the nominating process favors those most strident voices. and we saw it in the republican primary. one of the things that defeated romney he is had to move so far right to be the nominee, on immigration, on women's issues and so on that he essentially invalidated himself with large numbers of voters in order to be the nominee. >> rose: voters growing in imrtance. >> yes. and so you know, we see
Jan 10, 2013 11:00am PST
the optics were better but i have great regard for john kerry. but i think down deep the president might have wanted susan rice and it was the republicans that stopped susan rice from becoming secretary of state. i have great regard for senator hagel and i think he's a great choice. jack lew, women qualified for the positions? absolutely. >> do you believe that there is some meeting happens right now to try to appropriately deal with this? i mean, no one wants the job just based on the gender or color. you want to say i earned my way in this and we know the realities of doors opened and closed in our nation's past to women, to people of color. do you think given the situation, the exposure there's serious talk behind the scenes at the white house? >> absolutely. i think that's right. there's some serious talk about how to fill out the rest of the cabinet. you saw the white house rush to essentially say, hey, wait a minute, we have the folks staying. holder and sebelius but to me in some ways they weren't in tune to this initially going in to this and only speaks to the lack ofdy rersty. no on
Jan 11, 2013 10:00am PST
for the united states. that's a wonderful attitude, and i think he and john kerry have similar points of view, and they'll be a good team. but, secondly, he is -- he would be the first secretary of defense to have served as an enlisted man in the trenches. from uso to veterans administration, he understands the political and human problems in a way that no other secretary has. >> do you think that he has the experience and the skill to get his arms around that pentagon bureaucracy and all the pork that's embedded in it at a time when facing the sequester, we've had warnings from general dempsey and, of course, from leon panetta that we are facing the potential hollowing out of the force and a real national security dilemma. >> i think to me he is an example of one of the best teams we ever had in defense, which was laird and packard, and to me -- >> you mean david packard and melvin laird. >> david packard and melvin laird, yes. he knows the policy chuck hagel knows the policy. his deputy right now, ash carter, is superb. that's an unbeatable team. doesn't have to know everything, and he know
FOX Business
Jan 11, 2013 11:00am EST
it. >> sure. cheryl: as john kerry prepares to become the next sec -- secretary of state, it's the ties with china that could prove to be the greatest asset. plus, jewish themed beer? how one small company is literally putting the brew in hebrew. really, that's coming up. take a look at today's s&p winners and losers. some of the losers, best buy, netflix, and more. we'll be right back. ♪ >> welcome back, everybody, on the floor of the new york stock exchange, stocks every 15 minutes, and we are talking about jcpenney, stock down 5.%, down 12% on the week, and 44% decline in 52 weeks, certainly 5 loser. they are cut from neutral and cut the same store sales estimate for the holiday quarter to decline by 28%, and giving jcp a $13 price target. back to you. cheryl: we'll see you in 14 minutes from now. john kerry's nomination of secretary of state comes at a crucial time in u.s.-china relations. former state department official, donald gross, argues that kerry brings much needed improvement, and gordon chang, author of "the coming collapse of china" says that relationship com
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
the process trying to bog it down or will they see john kerry sail straight through. >> i think john kerry will have an easy time of it. i think chuck hagel will have a tougher time, and i do think that--i think hagel will have a roughing time of it then kerry. they all but nominated kerry them when beating up on susan rice. it would be heart to double back on him now. >> john: somewhere scott brown is washing his truck. charles pierce, so great to have you on the program. >> thanks, john, i appreciate it. >> john: thank you, for now on what president obama hopes to accomplish in his second temperature i'm happy to be joined by current tv correspondent david shuster and eric boehlert scene fellow with media matters for america. what does he have a better chance of pushing through. >> i think he has a greater chance on gun control and charles was right. it will make the heads explode on the right and make banning assault weapons closing gun show loops holes would seem reasonable. i think that sets the president up in a pretty good negotiating position. >> john: what track record do you thin
Jan 11, 2013 3:00pm PST
is likely to get it. the one thing that strikes me with these picks, john kerry, chuck hagel, is that like obama, they were among the social senators, they have a same profile, more intellectual, but they were not joe biden going around shaking everybody's hands, from a team of rivals to a team of lone others so they are very similar tempermental. >> woodruff: what does that say and though throw in john brennan. >> i think the chuck hagel thing, 579 cabinet officer notice history of the united states, and a grand total of nine nominees have been rejected by the united states senate in an up or down vote and exactly one since 1989 and two since 1959. i means that's all. so the idea of chuck hagel being rejected and the late john to youer who was rejected as secretary of defense, former senator there were large questions about his ethical dealings in business and his personal behavior toward women, and his personal kportment. and there is none of that with chuck hagel. i mean there is no scandal. there is no background that's going to come out and bite. so i think will you-- he's not the fir
Jan 7, 2013 9:00am PST
for cia director. he has already picked senator john kerry as his nominee for secretary of state. president's choice, chuck hagel for defense secretary already coming under some fire. some republicans point to comments that hagel made back in 2007, that they perceive as anti-jewish. here is how south carolina lindsey graham described the decision to nominate hagel. >> this is an in-your-face nomination by the president to all of us who are supportive of israel. i don't know what his management experience is regarding the pentagon. little, if any. i think it's an incredibly controversial choice. and it looks like the second term of barack obama is going to be an in-your-face term. >> want to bring in our white house correspondent brianna keilar. we no that the white house has been calling out, trying to reach senators and get some support for hagel here. we're also hearing from jim acosta, trying to push back on this idea that he's anti-israel, that comments on the jewish lobby were poorly worded and he has apologized. are they confident they'll be able to push that nomination thr
Jan 9, 2013 1:00am PST
hearts and three bronze stars. this is john kerry, who started his service in vietnam on board this rather large ship. it's a guided missile cruiser called the uss gridley. he then applied to transfer from the gridley to a much tinier ship. he applied to transfer to duty on one of these little patrol boats that duty started in mid-november 1968. by the start of december, he had been awarded his first purple heart. by mid-february, he had been awarded his second purple heart. by the end of february, he was involved in a river battle for which he was awarded the silver star. less than two weeks after that, it was another river battle for which he was awarded the bronze star and his third purple heart. this man is chuck hagel. chuck hagel enlisted in the army in 1967. he was a sergeant in the infantry. in 1968 -- and this is an anomaly. this is not true of very many other people, if any other people at all. chuck hagel served in the same small patrol in the infantry as his brother. he was 21 at the time. his brother tom was 19. in march 1968, sergeant hagel was on patrol when he w
Jan 10, 2013 1:00am PST
held a press conference to announce he is nominating senator john kerry to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. so john kerry not susan rice. earlier this week, the president announcing that former republican senator chuck hagel was his pick to be the next secretary of defense. so chuck hagel and not, say, michelle flournoy, the very highly regarded undersecretary of defense for policy. no word yet on who president obama has in mind to be his next secretary of labor, but hilda solis announced just this afternoon that she has handed in her resignation. that's another woman gone from the cabinet. the white house going out of its way to stress today right after the solis announcement exactly who in the cabinet plans to stay on at the start of the president's second term. they led their list with health secretary kathleen sebelius. earlier tried to press down on the lack of diversity in the cabinet. >>> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is susan rice. again, this president has made two appointments to the supreme court, both of them women. and i think that his commitm
Jan 7, 2013 11:00am PST
bandwagon, much more loyal to him. john kerry at the state department, he backed president obama early in the 2008 nomination fight. you now have chuck hagel, someone that obama worked closely with in the u.s. senate and he's been an adviser to him now in the white house and then john brennan at cia, someone who's been by his side for four years. >> what is the strategy? first read mentions jack reid and the statement praising chuck hagel. what's the strategy? you have people wondering why not take up the fight for susan rice and how are the dynamics different? >> as chuck todd pointed out, there are as many as ten different democratic senators opposed to chuck hagel and it's going to be up to the white house to wage a significant campaign using some democrats like senator jack reid from rhode island to win them over. the white house probably decided that they needed to go ahead and fight for chuck hagel in this matter. i've heard from the white house that the susan rice and john kerry were pretty much tied folks going in to that state department gig. president obama going with john ke
Jan 10, 2013 12:00pm EST
in years, all the cabinet positions will be held by men. john brennan at the cia and john kerry secretary of state. "the new york times" published this photograph yesterday. only men are visible. the white house fired back. >> women serve a key position and policy here as they do in the administration. overall 43% of his appointees have been women, including two high-profile supreme court justices. >> as the gun control debate heats up, price -- vice- president joe biden said to meet with nra leaders today. this is just one of many groups the vice president is meeting with as he heads to the task force to deliver a gun control recommendations for the white house. the nra has made its position clear, no new gun laws. joe biden says no matter what the white house is looking to take action. >> the president is going to act. there is executive action that can be taken. >> other groups are getting in on the debate as well. wal-mart originally declined to join the talks with vice- president joe biden. now it will bring ideas to the table. the task force will submit recommendations to president
FOX Business
Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
the president's december 21st nomination of senator john kerry to replace hillary clinton as the secretary of state. the president is considering a new job for ambassador to the united nations susan rice. may become the next national security advisor if all the appointments are confirmed. we will have carried out an almost total revamping of his national security team. >> confident that judge will be an outstanding secretary of defense and brennan will be an outstanding director of the central intelligence agency. may understand that we are only successful because of the folks up and down the line in these respective institutions. the folks on the ground who are oftentimes putting their lives at risk for us. and oftentimes removed from washington and politics. lou: some members of the party expressing consternation about his election because of controversial statements on the israeli reluctance. among the reason for that concern and in some cases outright opposition. seven of the 12 republican members of the armed services committee expressing some opposition with at least three senators a
FOX News
Jan 8, 2013 2:00am PST
with her likely replacement democratic senator john kerry. president obama nominated him to be the next secretary of state after clinton stepped down after four years on the job. >> she has been talking to him virtually nonstop. daily phone calls a number of phone calls. he is not in the building today but as i said last week she is 100 percent committed to having the smoothest possible transition and she will be available as much as he needs her. >>> secretary clinton has said she and senator kerry are working on ways to implement the recommendations of the independent review board studying the benghazi attacks which criticized leadership and management in parts of the state department. >> thank you, molly. we are hearing from general stanley mcchrystal. the four star general became the highest ranking military officer in afghanistan as commander of u.s. forces ain't national security assistance force. in his memoir my share of the task he details his 30 year career and talks about some of the controversy. many of you will remember the controversies in a moenlt. you will hear his take
Jan 11, 2013 3:00am PST
nominations, john kerry, chuck hagel and john brennan they are all white males. does the president have a diversity problem? hey, we'll get into that. afterall, he is the first african-american president. but first the latest out in los angeles, here she is with today's current news update, lisa ferguson. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. vice president joe biden continues his talks on gun control today. he's meeting at 2:15 this afternoon with representatives from the video gaming community along with researchers who study the effects of simulated violence on young kids. last night's meeting with the hollywood entertainment industry went relatively well according to representatives at the meeting. they said the industry appreciates being included in the dialogue and looks forward to doing its part in seeking meaningful solutions. it still is not quite clear though what more washington can do to force tv shows and movies to temper the violence. >>> as for yesterday's meeting with the nra that, one didn't go so well. yesterday's talks had nothing to do with keep
Jan 8, 2013 7:00am EST
. surely john kerry. i think they should be asked vigorous questions in their confirmation hearings. that is the prerogative of the senate. this is a democracy. some people will vote against them. the president should be entitled to his nominees. he is our president and was elected by a substantial margin. these are qualified people. after they are subjected to scrutiny, it will be able to explain themselves and serve our country well. we can assemble a good amount of series focused and the like to help or offer to succeed in the next four years. host: might you consider a post in the second obama administration? guest: i am happy with the job that i have. if asked to continue to serve, i will continue to serve. host: thank you so much for spending some time. we'll take a look at the year ahead for the pentagon and the looming budget cuts. then we will turn our attention to afghanistan. but first a news update. >> more reaction to the nominations made yesterday. a spokesman from i ran said the country is hopeful the appointment of chuck hagel to lead the pentagon would improve relat
Jan 8, 2013 12:00pm PST
, john kerry, even though it's not susan rice, but also john brennan compared to four years ago. jim jones did not work out. there was secretary gates at defense that was brought over from the bush administration before him. and so i think in many ways this sort of demonstrates that the president feels he'll put his imprint on foreign policy going forward from him. hillary clinton a choice that some may have viewed as a concession of secretary of state and worked out well for both sides. >> david, you know, chuck hagel has gotten some opposition from the left and the right. do you expect in a second term now elected and safe obama might get some more opposition from the left, from democrats? i'm thinking maybe on drones or extra judicial killing or some of the things that maybe some liberals had been quieter on waiting for obama to get re-elected? >> i think that's definitely a big issue. you know, looking at the picks that the president announced yesterday for national security team, i think what you are seeing is obama administration sort of trying to reshape how they think about t
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
if you look at the polling. >> host: if barnny frank is a seat holder for john kerry, if he's secretary of state, what do you think that does to negotiations over the next budget battles? >> guest: oh, well, i don't think it's that different from john kerry, but i think he would be a strong voice in the senate. you know, our -- again -- >> host: john kerry voted for the fiscal cliff deal. >> guest: right, and i'm pretty sure frank did as well. there's a lot of democrats, who, i think, made a tough decision to support the deal, but oftentimes did so with the bow that we hold them to that in the next round they do not cut benefits. back to barney frank for a second. i spoke to the congressman last night about this, and thinking about publicly getting involved in this with some of our 25,000 massachusetts members. our biggest issues is cuts to social security and medicare and medicaid benefits. i'm convinced he would be an active fighter. we have to make sure both in the appointment and whoever wins next election, we don't have somebody canceling out elizabeth warren. >> host: did he seek
Jan 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
. donelan? >> you know, it seems to me that john kerry has been much more in the mainstream and sort of closer to where the administration has been. i think he has gone out as a troubleshooter for the administration on several occasions. >> rose: syria, for example. >> pakistan, syria, other places. and i suspect that president obama is not gng to see in senator john kerry as much of an independent operator as we saw with, say, secretary clinton who pressed very hard with bob gates for a much more muscular expansion of the surge in afghanistan. she pressed very hard for the libya intervention. and i'm -- it's not clear to me yet that secretary kerry, if he is confirmed, would necessarily press as hard as she did on those issues. he may well surprise us on that. >> rose: she has high public marks for wh she did as secretary of state. among the foreign policy people, what do they look at as her principal accomplishment? >> i think that the public marks have been a little bit higher, charlie, than what you hear from within the foreign policy community. that's usually the case in these c
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am PST
following a concussion. she is expected to remain on the job until john kerry's expected confirmation to succeed her. >>> despite criticism from the state department, former new mexico governor, bill richardson and google ceo eric schmidt arrived in north korea this morning. a former u.n. ambassador said he's on a private humanitarian mission not representing the united states government. he plans to ask about kenneth bay who has been detained by north korea. >>> in the middle east, a rare public speech by syria's embattled president al assad made it clear that he has no plans to step down as the country's leader. he offered a peace plan but rolled out any talks with the armed opposition and said they will not negotiate until regional countries stop fighting. assad must step down. the state department called assad's initiative "detached" from reality in an attempt to cling to power. >>> venezuela's leader hugo chavez is still in cuba following a cancer operation last month. chavez is set to be inaugurated for a fourth presidential term on thursday. it may be postponed if not returned
FOX News
Jan 6, 2013 7:00am PST
john kerry is confirmed as secretary of state, you've got somebody who is basically vowed to do whatever it takes to stop the hagel nomination as long as he's in the senate. the prospect is real confusion and uncertainty and the absence of effective active leadership has the department of defense, precisely at the point in time when the threatened see questions transportation of the defense budget looms in a couple of months. >> understood. thank you for your thoughts. >> thank you. >> more about former senator hagel. as we were talking just now, he's a vietnam veteran, decorated two purple hearts. he's a member of the secretary of defense policy board and cochairs president obama intelligence advisory board. critics counter in 2007 then senator hagel backed withdrawing troops from iraq and opposed the troop surge and in 2006 critical of the influence of pro israeli lobbyist in washington, d.c. hagel supported die dialogue with iran and hamas. >>> a fox news alert and breaking developments out of syria and the president there, bashar al-assad, giving his first public address in
Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
senator john kerry to fill her shoes when she steps down. timothy geithner is also reportedly planning to leave. also, chuck hagel for the defense secretary but the blood letting their of already begun. why do the republicans dislike him? he's a republican. >> he is in the lrepublican party the way lieberman stands with the democrats. he was never popular in his own party. he came out very strongly against nominating him because of anti-gay sentiments in the past. the apologized but it was not accepted by frank and others. he voted against sections against iran. he appears to be ready to make huge cuts in spending in defense and alike, for example, leon panetta, who argued against sequestration cuts saying it would hollow out the military. you get the sense from panetta that he would resign in principle if the sequestration went into effect. there's a lot of argument against him on the left and right. >> a former combat veteran of vietnam going to the pentagon. >> someone who has seen combat, spilled blood of enemies in combat. it would be great for so many of the hawks to develop thei
Jan 7, 2013 4:00am PST
including three at the white house. she's expected to leave office as soon as her successor, nature john kerry is approved by the senate. >> the an accused of gunning down a dozen people in a movie theater will be in court today. the preliminary hearing begins in colorado where a judge will decide if james holmes will be tried for murder. he'll be in the courtroom this week as prosecutors outline their case in detail and in public for the first time. nbc's leanne gregg joins us now with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, richard. hundreds of people are expected to attend the hearing that will provide large amounts of previously sealed information, including gruesome details about what happened inside the theater. within five months after the theater massacre attorneys will lay out the case against jaims holmes seen here during an earlier hearing. >> the purpose of the preliminary hearing is to determine whether there is or is not probable cause holmes committed each and every one of the crimes alleged against him. >> reporter: during the week long proceedings the judge
Jan 4, 2013 4:30am PST
behind the snow plaza. katie and kristen? >> senator john kerry who has been nominated to become the next secretary of state begins to report to the state department today. he should win nomination by the senate in the next two weeks. secretary of state, hillary clinton, plans to step down. she still continues treatment for a blood clot near her brain which she suffered in a fall. >> top members of congress accuse the c.i.a. of misleading the makers of the osama bin laden raid filmed "zero dark 30" saying they were told harsh interrogation techniques helped track down the mastermind but it was found by the senate water boarding and other similar methods produced no useful intelligence. coming up next, a challenge of raising a baby coming up. studies of parent lend how to deal with crying infants. >> facebook considers a new >> good morning friday morning. a look from the camera on san francisco sutro tower. it is clear. it is cold. not as cold as yesterday with a big change coming for the weekend. mike nicco checks out the full forecast in a moment. >> an old business is opening a new hea
Jan 6, 2013 4:00am PST
" frank broke the news that he wants to take on the position of interim senator when john kerry becomes secretary of state. >> a month ago, a few weeks ago, i sad i wasn't interested, which it's like are you about toed graduate and it's like you have to go to summer school. but the deal now means that february, march and april are going to be among the most important months in american financial -- >> so you are considering? >> in fact, i won't be coy. not anything i've ever been good at. i told the government that i would now like frankly to do that. >> frank's version of summer school would last until a special election takes place, most likely this summer. >>> up next, "your business" with j.j. ramberg. >>> hot bread. the ceo of panera with advice on how small business owners can make lots of dough. time to make money on "your business." ♪ what's the name of the game >>> hi, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg. welcome to a new year of "your business." we're starting off the show talking about one of the biggest trends in business. game-ification. most of have you heard the term, but aren't
Jan 7, 2013 2:30am PST
favorite, he went ahead and made a different choice for secretary of state going with john kerry. democrats are unhappy because of some of the gay comments, some of the democrats in the senate now didn't serve with him and so are on the fence. a top senate democratic official said to me, a path exists for him to be confirmed when you're with the president's party. but they say, he has a lot of explaining to do and the white house has a lot of work to do if republicans impose hagel enmasse. they can't count on the 51 democratic votes. >> this confirmation fight threatens because of the prominence of the job to become a big part of the january/february narrative, does this hurt the president moving forward? >> it certainly does. mark, on, you make the point that he's likely to be confirmed if he does well in the hearings at great cost. the most surprising thing about this nomination, the president's january/february agenda was already jammed. he wanted to do guns, immigration and energy and infrastructure. all of that was already threatened because all of the new cliffs that were set
Jan 10, 2013 2:00am PST
the expectation to attend the meeting on thursday in person so we're sending someone to represent. >>> john kerry joked that his cure for jet lag is listening to one of his speeches. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." >>> now a look at the weather we turn to dylan dreyer. >>> we're in the middle of a january thaw here. temperatures above average. we have a lot of rain and even some strong storms to talk about down in the gulf coast. you can see the rain streaming up off the gulf of mexico. yesterday, it was across eastern texas where we picked up 2 to 3 inches of rain, that's expected across portions of eastern arkansas, western tennessee, western mississippi and right down into louisiana as well. this is an area of low pressure which is also bringing that rain back into northern texas. it's all rain right now. we're done with the snow as warmer air tries to work into this system. this heavy rain is coming in the form of very strong thunderstorms. we have a lot of cloud to ground lightning. an area where we could see some isolated tornadoes as well. it will start to push eastward.
Jan 10, 2013 6:30pm PST
, john kerry como secretario de estado, brennan tambiÉn como de la cia. >>> la percepciÓn que deja los nombramien nombramientos. >>> la realidad es que en la naciÓn tenemos diversidad, tenemos tener voces representando el gobierno. >>> casa blanca catalogÓ de sin fundamentos las criticas. >>> el portavoz presidencial dijo que hay numerosas mujeres en posiciones claves como cecilia muÑoz en la casa blanca. >>> javier becerra dice que espera que continÚe. >>> nuestra comunidad le dio la presidencia por segunda vez, hace por nombrar personas de la comunidad que son americanos sumamente calificados. >>> en la casa blanca insisten que el presidente valora la diversidad y que seguirÍa en el segundo mandato, en la comunidad latina hay quienes estÁn pendientes de que esto ocurra. >>> el presidente con barak obama va a hacer dos ceremonia de juramentaciÓn, usarÁ dos biblias, en la casa blanca usaÁa una que es propiedad de su suegra el dÍa 21 frente al capitolio utilizara una que usÓ abraham lincoln en su toma de posesiÓn en el aÑo 1861 y otra que perteneciÓ a martn luther king jun
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